• About us

We are a family company that has been trying to share the love of Christmas with you since 1991. We have also been operating online since 2014.
Holidays and everything related to them are our passion. We like to travel in search of inspiration, new trends and products.
We love creating a different exhibition for you every year, inspiring you to create your own decorations in your private or business space.
See you in-store and online!

Our e-commerce team - one and only, composed of:


   Anna Gumółka
   tel. +48 692 482 749 (PL, RU)

   Boss :)    
   An expert in everything... there is not enough space here to write down details...


   Karolina Sowa
   tel. +48 601 472 361
  Online ordering specialist     
   - introducing new products to the offer     
   - servicing business clients in the B2B panel and individual clients in the B2C panel    
   - fulfillment of online orders    
   - taking care of the stationary exhibition


   Izabella Gumółka-Pepłowska
   tel. +48 502 731 855 (PL, EN, DE)

  Marketing and Digital Marketing Specialist    
   - supervision over the proper functioning and development of e-stores     
   - key customer service    
   - creating a stationary exhibition

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We can talk to you... we love talking about the holidays. We always know what we are talking about, because our team consists of enthusiasts who will always find time to provide professional advice.

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We can advise you, but we will not choose for you... we will not deprive you of this pleasure! And there is plenty to choose from - we already have over 5,000 products in our store and we are constantly expanding our offer.

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We like to act quickly... so we ship parcels within 48 hours! We process orders the same or next day. When an order arrives on a weekend or holiday, we ship the package on the first business day. Reliability is our priority!

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We are not a shop for risk takers... that's why a lot of customers trust us! We know that customer trust must be earned, so we always try to solve any difficult situations to the customer's advantage.